New Band Application

We (Washington’s Best Musicians / New York’s Best Musicians) would like to present your group on our websites at  and

We will contact you if a client has expressed an interest in your group.  You are under no obligation to accept any gigs from us until and unless you have all the information – time, date, location, pay.  We will send a written confirmation and copy of client contract if you do accept the gig.

Our commission will not exceed 20% of the gross price.
Please review our performance guidelines

  1. Be on site (where the client can see you) no later than 30 minutes before downbeat. Be in position and ready to play 15 minutes before downbeat. Sometimes guests will arrive early. Allow time for getting lost, parking, loading in and setting up.  “Traffic on the beltway” or “no place to park”  are not excuses for anyone who has lived in Washington more than ten minutes.
  1. Never arrive at a gig hungry. Clients are not required to provide food for the band.  If you are invited to eat:  (a)  don’t crowd a buffet, don’t eat at the buffet (b) a break should not exceed 15 minutes even if you are eating.
  1. Do not consume alcohol at an event, even if it is offered. The bartender might not be aware of the client’s expectation or our policy in this regard.
  1. Breaks should not exceed 15 minutes. Our contract states that :(The client shall) “allow the Performers to break for 15 minutes after the first hour of performing, and after each 45 minutes of performing thereafter.”  A  break is timed from when you stop playing to when you start playing again.
  1. Always allow for the possibility of overtime. Our contract stipulates that “Overtime is available by mutual agreement of the Performer’s and Client at $100 per hour per performer.”
  1. Accept payment from client if offered. We don’t expect you to be our collection agency, but like you we appreciate prompt payment.
  1. Provide recorded music on breaks. Bring ipod or cd player.
  1. Distribute contact information for Washington’s Best. If you don’t have one of our cards, tell clients to call Washington’s Best. Most agencies will not pay you and/or call you again if you pass out your own cards at a gig.
  2.  Call or email after the gig with report.  We will not send payment until we hear from you.  Checks may be picked up the day after the event at Washington’s Best or we will mail the next business day.

      10.  Treat each performance as an audition for the next one.  Most events take months to plan. By definition, this event was important enough to somebody to engage live music.  We expect that you will be helpful, cooperative, flexible, appreciative and friendly at all times. 

Contact David Fletcher owner  917.566.3779
Dominick Petrellese, Talent Coordinator  732.710.9141

Please fill out the form below.

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